Facebakers rebrands to Socialbakers, but why?

CANDYTECH, the Prague based marketing business and Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant, yesterday emailed users with the news that they were rebranding to Socialbakers.

Facebakers is a site that provides Facebook metrics, such as demographics and brand tracking. Via their communication they appear to be comfortable with the move, however, it’s clear that the decision has been taken with Facebook in mind.

The email read: “For us, having a good relationship with Facebook is very important. In cooperation with Facebook, and to avoid any confusion, we are changing our name from Facebakers to Socialbakers. This means Facebakers, "the" place for Facebook statistics, is being renamed to Socialbakers ...The old site will be redirected and Facebook page renamed. All of our services remain the same, name is the only difference.”

All this comes about as Facebook is near to obtaining a readmark on the word “Face” in the context of internet communication and social networking. It would be interesting to see how Facebook would have reacted had Candytech been less cooperative.

Next week we’ll be publishing a feature by a law specialist on the very subject of the Facebook trademark issue – watch this space!

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