What is Email Marketing and Why You Should be Doing It?


Email marketing is one of the most cost effective strategies which could be used to target a specific group of users who might be concerned with the product being serviced. This practice of sending out emails to a targeted group of people with the intention of getting their attention is called Email marketing. The main intent of this kind of marketing is to spread brand awareness.

The history of spam emails has left a bad taste in the mouth about email marketing. However while you experience how to work online, there are some very good email marketing campaigns on by which people are actually benefitting in several ways. This concept of “all unknown emails are spam” needs to be changed into making the masses realize that marketing emails are cool and actually help.

The aim of the email should be to engage the customers to be able to spread the good work which in turn would attract new customers with the benefits.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of this kind of marketing which have been discussed below:

  1. Cost effectiveness

Email marketing has the benefit of reduced costs when compared to direct marketing. This online home business has amazing advantages related to its cost effectiveness. While a direct marketing campaign would require lots of money to prepare the promotional material, emails do not incur those costs while being created.

  1. You Can Track Data

Email marketing can also be tracked and not only help the business develop a strategy,but can also help in the efficient running of a business. This mode of marketing can actually track the number of people who have shown interest by getting to know the number of people who have read through the marketing email and the number of conversations that have been made.

It is also possible to track the irrelevant customers so that they are not troubled which could cause a bad name for the online home business.

  1. You Can Automate your Campaigns

The campaigns can be automated and the masses which show interest can be put on a regular automated mailing schedule so that they learn about the product from time to time. This feature is a very smart one and if it is used efficiently, it could create a personal touch with the customer. These automated services also help in circulating promotional offers to the existing and potential customers.

The email marketing strategy also helps in getting much faster responses and can boost up sales since if any extra information is sought, it could be found by the customer without delay



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