A Beginner’s Guide to Banner Marketing


Banner marketing is the best ways to draw the attention of a large audience. Banners are one of the most impact making strategies of a well-planned campaign. Banners are the best and one of the quickest ways to get noticed. They get attention of all those who are involved in the marketing strategy. This article talks about the various ways in which the most can be achieved and delivered through banner marketing. There are two types of banners: Online and physical displays.

Banners should be able to speak for themselves. Before a banner is designed careful planning is required regarding the target audience and their interests. The common interests of the audience should taken into consideration and the banner designed likewise.

Copy – In order to achieve results in any branding campaign, it is important that the information being delivered is concise, appropriate and crisp. It is very important that the copy is in the category of the branding and the tone is very suttle yet commanding.

Size – the size of the banner should be large enough to draw attention. This attention should be self-motivating so that there is call of action. This is the main aim of any banner advertisement.  Make sure that the size of the banner is something that is large enough to demand attention. These calls of action lead to sales.

Display – The banner should be placed appropriately so that it is in sync with what the site is all about, an example of a complete wrong advertisement would be of an ice cream in the diabetics department of a hospital. Always ensure that the banner is visible to the maximum number of guests who would be interested in the product.  would ensure that the banner is visible to visitors who are actually interested in the product. This placement of the banner is very important and should be in the view of all visitors. This method of cross promotion not only gets additional attention, but also gets a certain demographic that is in line with the existing business.

It is a good idea to get a detailed feedback about the banner and its placement. This will not only help in better viewer attention in future, but will also help in getting the message across better. A welcoming banner allows people to do business with the company but also open opportunities for future business. This is a way of not only exiting the existing customers, but also drawing the attention of new ones.



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